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Traditional Chinese Medicine And Skincare

27th July, 2020

Natural and organic ingredients are gaining more and more advantage in the skincare industry, because it comes with maximum validation of sustainability - towards nature as well as the skin.

The fact that people leading modern and urban lifestyles need ready-to-apply skincare products packaged in a box, have been a main reason for the popularity of chemical-based creams and lotions that use many synthetic ingredients to comply with bulk production and storage needs. Miracle Panda, a US-based producer of Herbal Skin Care Products aligns some of the little known herbs lent from the Ancient Chinese Herbology, to design skincare elixirs, that come packaged in jars, are ready-to-apply, sans harmful synthetic ingredients, offering custom solutions for persisting skin problems like acne, eczema, or sun-damage.


Natural Skincare Made For The 20th Century Lent From Traditional Chinese Medicine

Nature has all the things that you need.

You just have to know where to look.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is largely compounded of plant-based herbs, is the focal point for developing the vast product catalogue of Miracle Panda.

TCM is a complex field of herbology, going by the principles that one remedy cannot be an all-encompassing solution for each and every person, especially when it comes to skin problems. This is because, even though the symptoms of a skin problem may be the same, the causes of them may be different, and in order to fix a problem, you need to attend to the cause, while treating the symptom offers temporary relief.

A fundamental concept of TCM is “Qi”, which means an Universal Life Force, that is central to all beings in the universe, and is the key element to sustain TCM fundamentals and how it heals different ailments. Another, more popular concept is the Yin and Yang philosophy of dualism is also a variation of Qi. These principles form the pillars for TCM, owing to the methods of diagnosis, understanding and treatment of different ailments.

TCM identifies 5 fundamental organs to address any kind of disease.

  1. Heart
  2. Lungs
  3. Liver
  4. Kidney
  5. Spleen

The skin is believed to be the extension of Lungs. And the lungs are content of the “wei qi” or protection Qi, for being responsible to filtrate the body and propel the respiratory cycle. Therefore, treating skin problems are adherent to the nourishment of proper lung health as well. So, the key points attended under TCM are:

  • Heartburn
  • Sun exposure
  • Cold
  • Damp
  • Dryness
  • Windborne pathogens

The essential ingredients customized to reduce the impact of the above mentioned causes are largely summoned to repair damages and the recurrence of it.

Some Of The Best Products By Miracle Panda

From acne, premature ageing to eczema and skin discoloration the extensive range of common skin problems are seen through the TCM perspective Wei Qi, attending to the root of the problem.

While these products are free of side-effects, it is emphasized that all kinds of skin problems are rooted to an internal cause, and that it cannot be treated with external applications alone. You need a good diet, proper sleep, reduced exposure to pollution and an overall healthy lifestyle to keep balance and look gorgeous, without artificial make-up.

●    Longevity Pearly Ointment Super

 The Longevity Pearly ointment super is an organic anti-ageing cream, that is based on Pearl powder, Angelica Sinensis and Immortal Crane Herb, the essential Chinese medicinal formulation that has anticoagulant effects, and contains good antioxidants that naturally helps reduce fine lines and repair skin elasticity. This cream is also effective in helping treating eczema, warts and bacterial skin diseases.


●    Amazing Clean Face Ointment for Acne

 Heartburns and the dampness of lungs and stomach is often regarded to be a core cause of Acne Vulgaris. The Amazing Clean Face ointment brings together the two plant-based herbs, Tian Hua Fen and Huang Bai from the 50 Fundamental Chinese Herbs, to reduce the excessive oil secretion, greater impacts of persisting acne. The fact that acne can be a very diversified skin disease, with diverse causes, the treatment of it varies person to person, and needs both internal and external treatments. This ointment assists in reducing the pimples and associated pain and discomfort.


Incredible Bright Face Ointment

 Even toned supple skin is something that everyone wants to have, but skin discoloration is something that is not always under one’s control. The choice of the right skincare product comes to the rescue only when you have the ingredients that suit your skin, it is not about the price tag, it is not about brands, it is about what is right for you. The Incredible Bright Face Ointment is a beeswax skin cream formulated with the essential ingredients like Atractylodes, Rehmania, Pearl extracts and Avocado oil that support in reducing sun damage, exfoliate dead cells and regenerate new ones. So that you get a healthy glow, and supple texture of your skin.