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Skincare and Urban Lifestyle - Natural Ways To Fight Common Skin Problems for City People

04th September, 2020

Sometimes, old school techniques work best for solving common skin problems. A mixture of milk and honey can moisturize the skin, or a dollop of turmeric can soothe skin inflammation, allm in a natural way. But that’s not something urban people are most comfortable with. In fact, in the US, people even in rural areas would seldom resort to such home remedies and would look form a cream or lotion instead. The best acne treatment cream or the top-rated anti-aging cream is the real way to treat a skin problem in America, not many people would be interested to apply raw turmeric!

Even though Natural Skincare always maintained to get a popularity, the mainstream skincare industry in the US is largely based on chemical-based products, and most of the time, users choose the products by their skin type and the overall reputation of the brand. But sometimes, certain products, even from a reputed brand can contain chemicals that may be harmful in the long run, such as Parabens, which is a preservative, or even Fragrance.

At Miracle Panda, the range of natural skincare is largely based on traditional Chinese medicine and herbology, wherein a balance has been maintained, to keep the products free from harmful chemicals, and at the same time, make it as convenient, for people to use, as convenient urban skincare, that comes in a container.


Modern Perspective of Natural Skincare - From Eco-Friendly to Ethical

The sphere of natural skincare is expanding more and more, as American people are increasingly coming under the haven of sustainable consumerism. But it is not just about buying a product that is made of ingredients taken from nature, and that is good to the skin. Today, Natural Skincare is also looked upon for being an Ethical product, which does not come across animal testing, and does not use any animal-derived ingredients.

Miracle Panda largely works with Chinese herbal medicine principles. Animal testing is not practiced to formulate these creams and ointments. However, beeswax creams are a product that can be unacceptable for certain Vegan principles. The Beeswax is extracted from the home and savings of honey bees- the honeycomb. Miracle Panda works with ethicallyharvested honey through Organic Beekeeping imported from international producers,but it is still honey, at the end of the day.


Organic Ingredients for Modern Skincare Brought to You By Miracle Panda

Miracle Panda has only launched a handful of products that apply for problems like acne, skin-inflammation, complexion care, aging signs, and rashes. The most prominent ingredients that we use include Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil and Beeswax as binders, turmeric as anti-inflammatory agents and pearl.

Our most acclaimed products to date include the Longevity Pearl Super, which is a Pearl Powder-based ointment that has anti-aging effects. The other one is the Incredible Bright Face ointment which the Immortal Crane Herb is one of the ingredients. That’s meant for complexion care (not a whitening cream), helps recover from skin discoloration, and maintains natural supple skin.



Conscious Consumerism is a valid concept to relieve the stress laid upon the things we choose. It helps us lead a guilt-free life, having done our part as a consumer in choosing the products that are better for the environment as well as our health. However, until and unless we review and recognize the different chemicals and hazardous substances produced in bulk, and find safer alternates that does not change our lifestyle, but only sustain it, only then can we form a full circle. It is a great start that we have now, but there is still a long way to go.