Ark Shell also known as Cockle Shell and the Pharmaceutical Latin name is Concha Arcae.


Based on TCM, the actions of Ark Shell are to invigorates the blood, dissolves phlegm, resolves stagnation, softens hardness, dissipates nodules, absorbs acid, alleviates pain, also regulates qi and blood.


Some indications that can be treat by this herb with specific dosage and formulation are immobile or mobile abdominal masses involving either blood stasis, stagnant qi or phlegm accumulation, scrofula and goiter, chronic stomach pain or blood stasis pain such as ulcer pain with vomiting and acid regurgitation (must be calcined).


Note: this is just an information regarding Ark Shell. For the usage and dosage for the specific health issue, please consult with the herbalist or your health care provider.


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