Are you stressed out by the occurrence of brown patches and macules on your facial skin? Something that looks like a hyperpigmented scar?

This is what the Melasma patches look like. Also known as Chloasma Faciei, this is not really a skin disease, but rather a skin condition, that is most possibly caused by stimulation of melanocytes, which leads to a series of uneven hyperpigmentation. It typically occurs in the face - especially in the areas of outer cheeks, nose bridge, forehead, and upper lip and chin beneath the lips.

There are many herbal beauty products available in the US market that mainly treat this skin condition like hyperpigmentation by using skin lightening techniques. On the other hand, Chinese Medicine has a different approach to the idea. Here’s a brief overview.

What Causes Melasma

Melasma can be of two types - dermal or epidermal. While Epidermal Melasma takes place in the upper layers of the skin (suprabasal), Dermal Melasma is rooted deeper and is darker in appearance. Sun damage is the most common cause of this skin condition, but other than that, hormonal fluctuations, genetic inheritance, and pregnancy have a relative impact. In fact, the condition appears quite widely in pregnant women, so that it is also called the Mask of Pregnancy.


The Approach Of Traditional Chinese Medicine In Treating Melasma

According to the traditional principles of Chinese Medicine, any external condition or symptom is treated by the roots of the problem, not the symptom alone. The Qi of the matter- which is more like Vital Life Force. Along with it goes Yin and Yang that altogether point at the positive and negative energies.

Now according to the TCM principles, the cause is defined as a stagnation of the liver-Qi and spleen deficiency syndrome and the Yin or Yang deficiency in the Kidney. The theory was demonstrated in a study published in September 2018**, conducted by Dr. Huang Wei Ling, General Practitioner, and Parenteral and Enteral Medical Nutrition Therapist practicing in Brazil.

The study was all about the treatment of chloasma according to the principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine, which was demonstrated through case studies. The study pointed at patients that were found to have energy imbalance - that is the concept of Qi, Yin, and Yang. A series of dietary counseling, acupuncture, and other holistic processes have evidently helped reducing the patches in the surveyed patients.


Miracle Panda - Incredible Bright Face Ointment and Its Effects On Melasma

The Incredible Bright Face ointment produced by Miracle Panda is a beeswax skin cream that has effects on Melasma/Chloasma with regular topical use.

It contains real Pearl Extracts, Avocado Oil, and another very special ingredient called Immortal Crane Herb.

The ointment helps maintaining an even skin tone, but it is not a typical skin-lightening cream. The properties of this ointment work by cleansing toxicities of the skin, providing essential antioxidants and moisture.


Understanding How TCM-based Skincare Works


While many people have been benefited from the Incredible Bright Face Ointment as a plausible cure for Melasma,  Miracle Panda will never promise that the ointment can completely heal Melasma in all users. Sometimes, this condition can be unpredictable, for some it cures all by itself, and for some, it is simply permanent, no matter what they do. The basic idea is to promote the balance in your skin meridians that are lacking. The cream alone cannot be the only solution. That is not what TCM advocates or promotes. You need to find out your health deficiencies and achieve balance. And herbal beauty products like Incredible Bright Face Ointment can help retain that balance along with other treatments like diet counseling, lifestyle management, and holistic methods.

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