The term and the concept of “Anti-Aging” are largely coined by the cosmetic skin care industry, which often makes aging to appear as something adverse and something that can be “reversed”! While such perspectives have worked for decades in influencing young women to contribute to a Billion-Dollar Market, but from the ancient principles and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is nothing “anti” about the aging process.


Aging and Lifecycle - According to Ancient Findings Of TCM

In the ancient books of Bencao Gangmu and Huangdi Neijing, human aging has been chronicled on a wide scale, which provides great details and the phenotype of a process that focuses on the degeneration of different bodily elements, from the organs, teeth, hair, and the skin. According to the TCM fundamentals, the bodily changes that occur with aging are centralized to visceral degeneration and functional declination. This further leads to organ degeneration, and that leads to the depletion of essential substances like cells, blood platelets, and enzymes. Aging is a sequence. Not a consequence. 

The entire cycle of regeneration and degeneration of the fundamental substances is not only conceived in biological aspects of cells and organs but also includes the physics of the matters like Yin and Yang, the Qi or Force of Live, Jing or Essence of Life, and finally, the Spirit or Shen.

However, Premature Aging which makes a person look older than they actually are is unnatural and not a sign of good health. This condition largely occurs in people who have heightened stress levels, go through excessive exposure to UV Rays of the Sun, have a poor diet and inferior nutrition, and get lack of sleep.


How Miracle Panda’s Organic Anti-Aging Cream Derives from Ancient TCM Principles

In contrast to other medical approaches on skincare, TCM brings an all-encompassing application through hundreds of years of practice, research, and findings. Serving as integration between natural sciences and modern applications for health and wellness.

The Longevity Pearly Super Ointment by Miracle Panda is one such organically produced skin cream that includes the very popular TCM ingredient Pearl Powder to reduce the signs of aging. Now this cream does not smoothen wrinkles directly. The mechanism of action is to stimulate fibroblasts that heal weakened skin.

Longevity Pearly Super is based on a beeswax skin cream that also has the essential TCM ingredient - immortal crane herb or Xian He Cao. When applied topically, as a night cream, it regenerates new cells and retains essential moisture that slows down the process of further wrinkling. In some cases, the skin that appears wrinkled and with fine lines is often only a sign of aging due to excess dead cells in the epidermis layer. As the epidermis is exfoliated and moisturized it reveals the smoother younger skin below. This often creates a visual illusion that the beauty product has “reversed” the aging. However, nothing is reversed, it is just renewed.

Age with Grace

Herbal Beauty Products are not all the same. Organics, Botanics, Herbals, are distinct domains of skincare that comes in a jar. But here’s the thing. A cream or any topical skincare product, cannot reverse aging signs. Good healthy skin needs a good healthy lifestyle. So according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you continue to skip breakfast, have unhealthy sleeping patterns, it is going to higher your level of stress. So, listen to the good old saying: eat, sleep, laugh… no skincare regime is complete without it.