Today, Miracle Panda has gained a strong foothold in the American Skincare industry, through niche products like the Amazing Clean Face Ointment, or Pearly Ointment Super, that fundamentally based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The ingredients used in our products are all-natural and have very minimal chemical influence. But do you know that TCM is a lot different from other botanical skincare products? Here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Difference Between Botanical and Natural

The term, “Botanical” categorically means that the ingredients are plant-based. Whereas, certain ingredients in TCM are not plant-based even though they are natural. Such as, Pearl or Beeswax are not derived from plants, but animals. Similarly, Gold and Silver are metals. Even though the majority of TCM ingredients are plant-based, it is because that this domain works with several non-botanical ingredients too, TCM-based skincare is different from other Botanical Beauty Products.


The Principles and Processes Of TCM 


The principles of TCM is based on the Huangdi Neijing - which is the Compendium of Materia Medica - ancient medical text and the doctrine that directs the principles and processes of TCM. This domain does not only include herbal skin and healthcare medicines, but it also includes several therapeutic procedures like the Cupping Therapy, Massage therapy, and other alternate medicinal procedures like acupressure and acupuncture among others.

The procedures are performed according to the rules and principles of Qi - which means the Vital Force of Life. It is maintained that the different health issues, including the issues of the skin, are hair are connected to one or multiple organs through the channels called Jing-Luo (called Meridian in English). Though there is no scientific definition of vital life force, it is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine.

The most significant TCM Ingredients Used by Miracle Panda

Operating since 2019 we at Miracle Panda have been producing organic skincare products that are specifically formulated to treat certain skin problems. However, we are very glad to receive some rave reviews about how ladies use our creams as makeup bases and it works wonders for their skin and having a protective shield from the harsh environment. Among the most significant TCM Ingredients That we use at Miracle Panda include


  • Coconut Oil - a multipurpose resource, from moisturization, lubrication, and being the Yin Tonic.


  • Sesame Oil - similar to Coconut Oil it is used as a Yin Tonic, noted to be beneficial in reducing heat and toxin from the body


  • Beeswax –Fēnglà in Chinese, used as a binding agent for our beeswax skin creams. Beeswax is also recognized in TCM for natural moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Pearl Powder - largely used in our organic anti-aging skin cream, Longevity Pearly Ointment Super. Pearl is a natural astringent which has anti-oxidation properties. With regular use in a proportionate measure, pearl powder can retain the elasticity of skin like forever young.


  • Immortal Crane Herb - also possessing astringent properties, Immortal Crane Herb, when it enters the lungs, spleen, and liver, it improves blood flow and also the overall skin texture and coloration.


  • Myrrha and Frankincense- both are resins that are sourced from the Tree Sap of different varieties of the Incense Tree - the resins are used in our magic muscle ointment majorly for their anti-inflammatory properties


There are many other ingredients to join this list of course, given the fact that Chinese Traditional Medicine has over 1800 different herbs.  Although, the select few that we have named here are among the most prominent ones that are commonly used in several types of our products.


We recommend you to use these products and feel the difference of using something so very close to nature that nourishes your skin from within.